Why HTML5?

There are many reasons why HTML5 games are the new standard for casual online games. From small file sizes to smooth performance and instant access, HTML5 makes it easy for players to start a game anytime and anywhere on their phones, tablets, PCs or laptops. This furthermore enables developers to reach audiences they couldn't reach before, not with flash and not with native apps.

HTML5 is brilliant because:

  • HTML5 market is rocketing upwards
  • HTML5 is an all-purpose technology for web multimedia functions
  • HTML5 simplifies game development
  • Increasing use of games in mobile browsers
  • Play on any mobile or stationary device
  • No download required. Instant access to all games.
  • No need to compete in overcrowded app stores
  • Better performance on low-cost decives compared to apps
  • Reach the biggest possible audience
  • Develop once - publish everywhere

No device limitations

All of our games run on any smartphone or tablet, from Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone 7, from Galaxy Tabs to iPads. Of course they are optimized to also work brilliantly on any PC or Mac. So no matter where your users play, you will be able to provide the perfect games.

HTML5 games are playable in any browser as well, be it stock or chrome or Safari or Firefox. You don’t need to download anything, you don’t have to wait and HTML5 games won’t fill up storage space on your phone or tablet.

Easy distribution

HTML5 technology enables every game developer to spread their games across all available platforms. It is a brilliant way not only for players to experience games without device restrictions. But developers can now get access to distribution channels that have not been available before.

There is a very interesting article on TechCrunch about Facebook Instant Games running from within the messenger to boost engagement in the messenger app.

Use our games everywhere

Our games are already running in restaurants on fixed tablets, in the intranet of German trains, in the services of telecom operators or as part of marketing campaigns for the food industry or insurance companies. There is no limit. Perfect cross-device availability is one of our dedicated goals.

Are there exceptions?

Besides HTML5 we also offer a bunch of WebGL games. What is the difference for you as our client? Not much. WebGL enables developers to make games more complex, especially in terms of graphics and effects. Our WebGL games feature state-of-the-art 3D graphics. However, just as HTML5 technology, they will run on all the same devices. This link provides a few good reasons as to why it is a good decision right now to develop games in WebGL.

Some great examples for Web GL games are two of our premium games, Endless Truck and Formula Fever .

Endless Truck

Formula Fever