HTML5 Games as Apps

This may be one of the most common requests we receive. "Can I use your games in the app stores?". And as usual, there is no universal answer to that. There are a few things to consider.

What options do I have?

1. Publish our HTML5 games in the App Store or Google PlayStore
These are the most obvious places to publish apps. However, since both of them are very strict with their policies, it is not allowed to simply buy one of our games and publish it there. The minimum requirements to publish our games in the two big stores are to change the name and at least the start screen of a game.
The best way however is to make a customized version (reskin) of a game. This way we can make sure this game is a unique entry in the stores.
Check out our reskin section for more info on that.

2. Publish our HTML5 games outside of the App Store and Google PlayStore
Those two are not the only app stores to publish your games in. In fact, certain countries feature huge alternative stores with astonishing amounts of users, offering an additional distribution platform with big potential. For these stores we can offer you APKs of our existing games.

As always this is only a general overview and there may be exceptions or further options to consider. Since this is mostly a very individual topic we would recommend you to contact us so that we can address any unclarities in person. You can use our contact form on top of the website or write a mail to our experts.