• Who are our clients?

      Our games are used by a lot of different companies. Among those are:

      • VAS providers - Value Added Service
      • public transport companies with onboard entertainment
      • agencies that need games for campaigns
      • brands that need games as a marketing tool
      • companies that need games for their apps
      • websites that simply need new quality content
      • and everyone who needs to replace their flash games
    • How does the purchase work?

      If you have decided which license(s) you need, just hit the button “Contact Sales Team”. A contact form will appear where you can fill in some necessary details. We will then receive your message and get back to you immediately. Based on our experience the demand for games is usually a very individual one. So together we will make the perfect game package out of it. From the basic game as it is all the way to a heavily customized version anything is possible.

    • How will you deliver the games?

      We can upload them for you, send them via file transfer services or simply via email, if the file is small enough. Long story short: there are multiple ways and one of them will fit.

      As long as we don’t have send a carrier pigeon with a USB stick tied to its foot.

    • Do I get the source code?

      With every game you will receive the source files.

    • What engine or framework do you use?

      Our games are developed in different frameworks. We generally use the most common frameworks that exist on the market, such as Construct2, Phaser, Haxe, Cocos2D and others.

    • Can I modify the game?

      With the standard license you are allowed to adapt the game to your services, for example integrate an SDK or connect your API. However if you want to fully reskin the game or make several different versions out of it, please contact us for an extended license.

    • Can I reskin the game?

      As explained above, to reskin our HTML5 games you need an extended license. Contact us anytime to discuss the perfect solution in person.

    • Can you reskin the game for me?

      Yes, we can. Since both the amount of work and individual demand highly differ from customer to customer, we will be happy to make you an offering perfectly suited to your needs.

    • How big is an HTML5 game?

      95% of our games are between 1 and 20 MB.

    • Can I include branding/logos?

      You can include your own logo or that of your client anywhere in the game.

    • Who owns the IP rights?

      Famobi owns the rights to legally sell every game available in our HTML5 game shop.

    • Are there third parties involved?

      All correspondence is only between you and Famobi. No third parties.

    • Is there a revenue share model?


    • Where can I publish the game?

      Since the needs of every individual customer usually differ a lot, we offer three license models:

      1. Web & App Integration
      A non-exclusive license that allows you to publish this game on a website or integrate it into your existing app. The game remains on our servers and you receive an embed link.

      2. Instant Messenger Games
      An exclusive license that gives you the right to publish the game on messenger platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat, Snapchat and others.

      3. Android & iOS App
      You get the exclusive right to publish this game as your own stand-alone app on Google Play or Apple AppStore.

    • Are there bulk discounts?

      Yes. The more games you buy, the higher the discount.

    • Can you host the games for me?

      Although we prefer that our customers host the games on their own server, we can talk about a hosting service. Just let us know.

    • Can I rent the games instead of buying?

      If you are looking for a big bunch of games and can’t spend the necessary budget at once, we offer a subscription model with a fixed monthly rate. Just ask us.