Naturally you can ask us anything at any given time, should something be unclear. But in order to already address the most common and basic questions, we've compiled a small catalogue of topics that will already clear up some of the unclarities you may have.

Where are our games needed?

Our games are used by a lot of different companies. Among those are:
  • VAS providers - Value Added Service
  • agencies that need games for campaigns
  • brands that need games as a marketing tool
  • companies that need games for their apps
  • public transport companies with onboard entertainment
  • websites that simply need new quality content
  • and everyone who needs to replace their flash games

How does the purchase work?

After you put the games in your basket and hit the button “Contact Sales Team”, we receive a message with your order and will immediately contact you. In our experience the demand for games is usually a very individual one. So together we will make the perfect game package out of it. From the basic game as it is all the way to a heavily customized one anything is possible.

How will you deliver the games?

We can upload them for you, send them via file transfer services or simply via email, if the file is small enough. Long story short: there are multiple ways and one of them will fit.

What do I get when I buy your games?

If you buy a game from our shop you will get a ready-to-run game with a non-exclusive license and be able to use or distribute the game according to what is agreed in the contract. E.g. you are able to monetize them with ads or through a subscription service to your end-users, but it is not allowed to sub-license or sell them, if not stated otherwise in the agreement.

Can I buy branded or reskinned
versions of your games?

Yes. Our games can be customized with your logo/brand, with a custom splash screen or can be completely reskinned to get a new look & feel. Check out our reskin section to get a good impression of what can be done.

What if I want to resell, sub-license
or reskin a game on my own?

With a standard non-exclusive license this is not allowed. However we can always discuss custom offerings and see, if we can find a tailor-fit agreement that makes everyone happy. If you have any specific questions, ask us anytime.

Will I get a bulk discount?

Yes, you will! After we’ve received your purchase request we will make you a customized offering. Based on the amount of games and of course the list prices we will surely find the perfect solution to make the both of us happy.

Which devices do you support?

With our in-house QA department we are able to ensure the quality of each game both content- and performance-wise. Every game in our shop features a list of devices it was tested on and optimized for. You can see the list on the game detail site. Besides the compatibility for all current devices we make sure that our games run smoothly in any kind of mobile or web browser, always up-to-date with the newest versions.

Can you build me a website
to integrate the games on?

If you want to display the game you’ve bought but don’t have a website yet, we can help. With our whitelabel solution you can build yourself a website with a few simple clicks. For that you will have to visit our dashboard and register. You can quickly create a CMS website there that will be hosted by us and given a Famobi subdomain. But of course you can use your own domain with this website. See the instructions below to find out how:

Step #1: First you have to add your domain to the Famobi CMS website. Click on "Websites" in your Famobi dashboard and on "edit" for the CMS website you want to use your domain with. Scroll to the "Domains" section and click on the "Add your own domain" button and enter your domain. You can add another domain by clicking on the "Add another domain" button.

Step #2: Copy the CMS domain you'll find at "Website Domain (not editable)" to clipboard (CTRL+C or CMD+C) – you will need it in the next step.
Save the form by clicking "Save website".

Step #3: Now you have to go to your provider's dashboard/backend and add a CNAME DNS (Nameserver) record by pasting the domain from step #2 from clipboard (CTRL+V or CMD+V). Google published a documentation how to add a DNS record at the biggest providers – have a look: support.google.com.

Please notice that Nameserver changes will take up to 1 day until you see the desired result.

Is there another business model besides purchasing a game?

If a one-time purchase is a little to irrevocable for you, there is always our subscription service. Find out more about this service on our corporate website . With our subscription you are able to use as many games as you want for a fixed monthly fee.